Ovi Store = 3 million a day downloads = viable alternative to AppStore?

Today, Nokia announced that they are seeing 3 million downloads a day on the Ovi Store along with some other statistics. This has been achieved in a relatively short time considering that the Ovi store launched in May of 2009.
At under 2 years old the store is seeing growth in leaps and bounds now that Nokia has streamlined the development process and focus on the Qt development environment.
That being said, they also announced that the Qt development tools have sen a total of 1.5 million times.
In the past 12 months Nokia has seen 400,000 new developers sign on.
Some quotes coming out of Ovi platform developers suggest that they are getting better results on the Ovi store than they are on Apple's AppStore.

The developer of Crazy Hamster had this to say:
"Without any promotion or marketing dollars, in a few weeks we've hit 200 000 downloads in Ovi Store faster than we did with App Store,"
"We're very positively surprised with what we've seen on Ovi, and we're on track to exceed our App Store performance even though we've been there longer."

The original Nokia press release can be viewed here:
Nokia's Ovi Store downloads hit 3 million a day as developer support surges