About Us

Reaper Mobile (formerly Reaper PC/PDA) was started by Marc "madREAPER" DaCosta a PDA enthusiast who was a member of previous PDA forums but wanted a site that was more than just a forum and covered more than just one type or style of PDA. Thus Reaper PC/PDA was formed. The site's original form, which can still be seen at http://www.freewebs.com/reaperpc, was established in 2005. The second iteration of the site was established in late 2007 (http://old.reaperpcpda.com) and was the home to Reaper PC/PDA till January 2009.
The current version of the site was established on January 20th, 2009 with a slow roll out as the various aspects of the old site were merged into new one.

Marc DaCosta
Role: Site Creator and Owner
User Name: madreaper
E-Mail: madreaper@reaperpcpda.com

Social Networking:
Twitter: @reaperpcpda